God of death


No one still fully knows of Chiron in the advent of Korax. Chiron is a greater god of The Twelve. He is the true neutral god of death, decay, secrets, night, the moon, and the harvest. He is portrayed as a skeletal reaper, a mummified old bearded man with his eyes and mouth sewn shut, an extremely attractive black-haired woman adorned in a black dress, or a black raven. He does not favor any particular alignment, personality, or race; as everyone experiences death. Chiron is regarded as a silent god as he typically does not respond to inquiries. He is known by those who still worship him by many titles: the Reaper, the Ferryman, the Night-Bringer, and the Silent One. His favored weapon is the scythe. His domains include: death, darkness, knowledge, and repose.

Many worshipers pray to Chiron before slumber in the event that he takes them in their sleep that it is peaceful. Legend portrays him sometimes as a ferryman who will ferry you over a river of souls to your place in the afterlife in exchange for a gold tithe or a secret unknown to him. Legend also says that he brought night to the world when he cast his shadowy cloak over the sky in order to trap and harvest the moon when at its ripest, which is represented by the phases of the moon and the harvest moon.


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