Major Races


The humans are the most populous of all the races on Chronos. As in other worlds, they are versatile and can be found across the world in a multitude of professions, attitudes and moral alignments.

They get along famously with dwarves.


The dwarves on Chronos are not much different than in other worlds, though their greed might be a bit more pronounced. Dwarves live in cavernous areas and many of the more corrupt dwarven nobles are favored by Korax, who lets them rule with impunity over their brethren.


The elves have long since been in hiding because of the corruption of most of Chronos’ empires. Korax’s landing only furthered their exile, as many either foresaw his dark influence or were hunted by his servants for sport and pleasure.

Elves are exceedingly rare to encounter on Chronos because of this.


Halflings are unfortunately all too familiar with Chronos’ bleak state of affairs, having been enslaved for centuries now by unscrupulous humans and dwarves. Though they were on the brink of finally being considered a race on par with the others, Korax’s landing saw their usefulness as slave labor renewed. There is very little hope for their salvation now.


Gnomes, like elves, are creatures driven to nature and also driven to exile by the corrupt and terrible ways of the other races. Like elves, gnomes are almost impossible to spot on Chronos.


Half-elves are slightly more common than elves, as elves have no trouble falling in love with particularly beautiful humans. They have no special place on Chronos, no niche of their own, though many picky nobles seek them out as spouses due to their otherworldly beauty.


Arguably the only worse existence of an orc is that of a half-orc — those shunned by both their orcish and human folk. Half-orcs are often recruited for armies on Chronos, whether it is for Korax or for the rebellion. After all, where else will they go and what else will they do?

Major Races

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