Major Kingdoms

The hubs of life in Chronos

Chronos is not a densely-populated place. Between its cities, vast expanses of wilderness reign; but cities DO exist, and they can be reasonably split into a few provinces.

Maes Magicka

Founded by wizards looking for a secluded place to study, Maes Magicka has blossomed into quite the small town. A prestigious school of the arcane arts dominates the region, and it is not uncommon for aspiring members of the Arcanum to venture to Maes Magicka for their training.

The Seven Portals

Technically, the Seven Portals isn’t a kingdom on Chronos; it is a transportation hub built upon the ancient stomping grounds of the now-enslaved gnomes. Nonetheless, before Korax’s reign it had its own form of government (mostly in place for taxation and laundering purpose). Now it is inhabited by what’s left of the ettin and whatever guards Korax has sent to keep an eye on the place.

Shadow Wood

The Shadow Wood is just as much “rocky hillside” as it is “barren forest.” The people of the Shadow Wood are some of the last remaining who defy Korax’s rule, and it is common for rebels to show up at the doors of its Raven Monastery ready to help fight the good fight. It has no de jure leader, but a man who calls himself Corvus is seen as the rightful ruler of the Monastery.

Monastery of the Heresiarchs

Those who spread Korax’s doctrine, the Heresiarchs, enjoy their own small slice of Chronos. The Heresiarchal Monastery is home to those clerics and paladins who would worship Korax as a god, and who gives them the power they so crave in return. Dark Bishops, Black Paladins, and the dreaded Heresiarchs themselves live here. Have pity on the adventurer that winds up here.


The Gluumhold is what most closely matches what one might think of when they hear “kingdom” — it is a magnificent castle, surrounded by a once-bustling village. It is now lorded over by a reclusive mage, who will not show his face or reveal his name for anyone, yet has managed to gain the gratitude of his people by staving off the forces of Korax… for now.

The Necropolis

The Necropolis is a sprawling metropolis consisting of the ancient cities of the dead. Also, inhabitants that are dead. The skyline of the Necropolis is dominated by a grand tower in the center, where the one being who holds sway over all the world resides: Korax, the Serpent Rider.

Major Kingdoms

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