Before Korax

What happened here?

300 years ago – Humans and Dwarves form the Portalforge Alliance, a trade agreement that strengthens their already strong bonds.

250 years ago – The Military, bolstered by Dwarven tools, gain significant power on Chronos.

247 years ago – The Arcanum discovers sardonite, a material that allows a soul to be alchemically bound to it. Through this discovery, powerful mages become Iron Liches, bringing their greatest minds into eternal unlife.

244 years ago – The Church, feeding off the fear of a populace scared by the recent gains in power of the Military and Arcanum, gains the support and loyalty of the commonfolk.

230 years ago – The “big three” powers on Chronos form a truce. They become a grim, power-hungry triumvirate.

120 years ago – Halfling slavery becomes the norm.

100 years ago – The Seven Portals are built.

75 years ago – Torture, disembowelment, etc. of both innocents and criminals alike rise. Any disloyalty to the Triumvirate is punished… severely.

5 years agoKorax comes to Chronos and offers eternal life to Zedek, Menelkir and Traductus. They accept, and give Korax complete control over Chronos. A new, bleaker age begins on Chronos.

Before Korax

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