After Korax

From corruption to desperation

After Korax’s landing, things soon changed on Chronos. Whereas the Triumvirate was limited in its power by the mortality of its members, Korax’s gift of eternal unlife to the three leaders solved that problem.

And so with a powerful Serpent Rider controlling the actions of the three most powerful people on the planet, things soon went from bad to worse.

One of the first acts of Korax under his new reign was to cast the irrevocable Ettin curse, where the once-normal humanoids of the Legion were turned into twisted ettin, their will bound to that of Korax. No one knows his true intent with this perversion of his own army, but the Legion is now filled with bitter creatures who are only smart enough to realize they are no longer the great beings they once were. Their hatred towards those who are not as grotesque as them knows no bounds; perhaps this was Korax’s true goal.

Afterwards, Traductus rechristened the Church in the name of Korax, leading the common-folk astray with lies about what Korax was and who or what was responsible for the horrors befalling their friends and family.

Shortly after, routine executions began of those who would openly oppose Korax. Done in the guise of serving the greater good, perhaps even the sheep herded by Traductus’ lies were not so blind as to see what was truly going on here…

After Korax

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