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  • The Triumvirate

    h3. The governing body of Chronos The Triumvirate is the exceptionally powerful governing entity on Chronos. It is split into three parts: [[The Legion | The Legion]], led by [[:zedek]]; [[Arcanum | the Arcanum]], led by [[:menelkir]]; and [[Church | …

  • Church

    The Church is led by [[:traductus]] and is the religious institution that now worships [[:korax]]. The Heresiarchs operate under the Church, and are its foremost soldiers and preachers. Those wishing to devote their lives to Korax study under their …

  • Zedek

    Zedek is the leader of the Legion. Not much is known about him, other than this: the brutality of his campaigns are matched only by the hatred of his armies.

  • Menelkir

    Menelkir is the Grand Archmage of the [[Arcanum]], and he leads his charges into an ever-growing expanse of dark magicks.

  • Traductus

    As with the other two members of [[The Triumvirate]], not much is known about Traductus, save for his unwavering devotion to [[:korax]]'s every last whim.