The blight from the heavens


Five years ago, Korax landed on Chronos, and hope was extinguished in the span of moments.

Of course, hope never had a strong presence on Chronos, but when Korax descended from the sky and gave the gift of eternal unlife to the rulers of the world, hope was murdered. Hope was stabbed through the heart and thrown aside unceremoniously.

Not much is known about Korax directly. Some say he looks like a deceptively handsome young man. Others say he looks like some kind of eldritch beast from one’s most terrible nightmares. Everyone can agree that he is more powerful than any other being they’ve ever seen, although what gives him this power or what his power is exactly is unclear.

What is clear is that Korax rules this land with a bloodthirsty fist, his grip absolute and his mercy nonexistant.

With the loyalty of the Triumvirate, Korax is protected by the Legion, worshiped by the Church, and aided by the Arcanum.


The Tyranny of Korax II MKGremillion