The Tyranny of Korax II

Session 004 - Into the Guardian of Steel

Coming out of the Guardian of Fire, the party found yet another door open in the Seven Portals, and a friend waiting for them in the courtyard.

The apprentice of the Crimson Man, still hooded, and her summoned companion dutifully perched atop her shoulders, welcomed the reluctant heroes. Pointing to a set of monoliths that obscured a small pond, the summoned creature explained that the pond was the key to leaving the Seven Portals for good. And the only way to get to it was through the Guardian of Steel.

Their task before them, the party rushed into the Guardian of Steel, only to be greeted by walls of patchwork metal inside of a gigantic tower. Outside lay multiple other towers, with only the embrace of the black void in between each, and a scattering of floating steel shavings.

Presented with an altar bearing arcane scripts, Suparo eventually surmised that the altar somehow reacted to shock magic. Using his Shocking Grasp, he touched the altar and, to everyone’s surprise, created a sort of electric loop between himself and the altar, and used his raw will to construct a solid, metal bridge out of the shavings.

After the impressive display, everyone crossed the bridge (some walking, some crawling) to the next tower. What awaited them was a small clan of kobolds, eager to use their piston traps to crush our adventurers. Suparo and Adrian, using their ingenuity (and abusing the stupidity of kobolds), managed to trick the small dragonkin and slay them (with the help of Arthur and Ophelia, of course).

Another altar and another bridge later, the heroes found themselves facing immobile statues with deadly darts of magic. Arthur took quite the beating from these mechanical monsters, but survived and managed to help the rest of the party put the foes to rout. In this tower, there was a room of bountiful treasure, and spoils were passed around with perhaps the most glee that had been mustered since the party began their little stint in the Winnowing Hall.

Afterwards, another encounter with kobolds ended with two of them being slain simply by falling, and another put to rest by the party. Finally, a centaur awaited the group with murderous intent, but was slain handily by the party. Activating the mechanism the centaur was guarding, the group now makes their way back to the Seven Portals to see what awaits them behind the monoliths…



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