The Tyranny of Korax II

Session 001 - The Escape

From the frying pan...

Each of our unlucky adventurers began the session in chains, holding in common one thing: Korax wanted them dead. For some, it was for blasphemy. For others, it was mere lawbreaking. Whatever the reason, these three captured souls were soon to shuffle off Chronos’ mortal coil.

Not ones to take an execution lying down, our three prisoners staged a daring escape. Using his ingenuity, Adrian Gareth picked the lock to the cell and helped Suparo and Arthur set up an ambush for their guards.

After a brief tussle with a pair of hobgoblins and a small chat with a gang of gobs, the three set their sights on the belltower in hopes it would lead them out of the chapel-turned-gallows. Making it to the top, they found the constable responsible for their sentences. Wasting no time, Adrian quickly identified the constable’s weak point and sliced it open for massive damage, instantly slaying the foul warden in one clean stroke.

Afterwards, they found a portal to a hub known as the Seven Portals. Here they faced a Man in Crimson, taunting them at every whim. What will happen to our adventurers now?



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